Simple Thruster Charge Meter

Objective: Limit the Player’s thruster usage with a charge meter and have the charge regenerate after a small delay.

To begin we need to create a Slider that will act as the charge meter and have the color green with a white background. Also, we will use text to indicate the slider is for the thrusters:

After you create the slider, make it look how you want, and place it where you want on the Canvas. Open up the UI Manager script to create a reference to the slider:

Add the slider in through the Unity Inspector:

Now in the UI Manager script, we need two more variables that will allow us to indicate how full the slider bar will be:

We want these variables to be public because we want the Player script to have access to them.

In the Start method set the currentFuel = maxFuel so the bar will start full when the game starts:

currentFuel = maxFuel.

The last thing to do in the UI Manager script is in the Update method, have the slider’s value = the currentFuel / mxFuel:

Now we Switch to the Player script and we will need four variables:

The first two determine how fast the Player will drain and refill the thrusters charge. The last two are for creating a cooldown before the charge will begin to refill.

First, we need to calculate how fast the charge will be used:

and now we can use CalculateFuelUse when the thrusters are active(When Left Shift is held down)

We can set _canRefillThrust to equal Time.time + _thrusterRefillColldown to stall the refill of the charge:

Finally, we can set our else to call a RefillFuel method to increase the charge until the currentFuel = maxFuel and call it in the else statement:

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