Instantiating & Destroying Gameobjects in Unity

Instantiating and destroying a laser prefab


Have the player(cube) create a laser shot when the space key is pressed, Have the laser move upwards constantly and destroy itself when it leaves the screen.

The first thing we need to do is have the player spawn in a laser. To do this, we can use:


Instantiate will allow us when the “space” key is pressed down, the player will make a clone of the laser prefab at exactly where the player is on the screen.

The Player now spawns a laser prefab clone.

It’s a good start, but now we have to give the laser prefab a script to tell the laser shot to move constantly upwards.

code for having the laser move upwards at a reasonable speed

Now we have a working way to shoot lasers, but there is still a small problem with what happens when the laser leaves the screen:

Yes, the laser does leave the screen. However, the laser is actually still there, just moving up forever. This is not good for computer performance, and just unnecessary to keep something around that will stay forever and not be seen again. To fix this, we can use:


This destroys the laser clones as they exit the screen.

Laser clones being destroyed after leaving the screen

Final code:

Final player code
Final laser code




Learning to become a unity game developer

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Tacoma Johnson

Tacoma Johnson

Learning to become a unity game developer

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