How to Install and Setup Git LFS


Objective: Install and activate Git Large File Storage to allow our Github repository to store larger projects.

Git Large File Storage(LFS) can be used to replace large files like audio, video, and graphics with text pointers inside Git. You can then store the file contents on a remote server like Github.

To begin, go to and download the Git extension:

Once Git LFS is downloaded. Use the Git Bash application on the project you want to reduce the file size of:

Use ‘git lfs install’ to Install Git LFS and initialize.

Now we need to track what file types we want Git LFS to manage. Like photoshop files:

git lfs track “*.psd”

This will automatically create a ‘.gitattributes’ file inside your project’s folder.


That’s it! From here you can add whatever files you want to be tracked by Git LFS and if you want to convert old commits you can use the ‘git lfs migrate’ command with many options available to you.

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