Immersion Starts with Sound

Sound is arguably the most important part of any video game. A game's sound can create tension, emotion, and immersion. Creating background music with the Unity Engine is actually very easy. Let's begin!

Objective: Create looping background music for our game.

The first thing we need to do is create an empty Game Object that will act as our Audio Manager:

Create Empty Game Object

Name the new Empty Object “Audio_Manager.”

Name the object “Audio_Manager.”

Now create a new Empty Object within the one you just created and name it Background_Music:

We should create the Background_Music as a child of the Audio_Manager because the music will only serve one purpose, to play in the background o the game on loop.

Inside the Background_Music object, add a new component called ‘Audio Source.’

Add component Audio Source to the new GameObject

Drag the audio clip you want to use into the AudioClip of the Audio Source component:

Drag in the desired audio clip

The last thing to do is to make sure that ‘Play On Awake’ is enabled and enable ‘Loop.’

Turn on Play On Awake and Loop




Learning to become a unity game developer

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Tacoma Johnson

Tacoma Johnson

Learning to become a unity game developer

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