Spawning Objects in Unity Without The Clutter

spawn manager organization

Objective: Send the enemies spawned from the spawn manager into a container to organize the scene.

The first thing we need to do is create an empty game object inside the Spawn_Manager and name it Enemy_Container.

create Enemy_Container inside the Spawn_manager

Now we need to let our spawn manager know about the enemy container:

Script storage for the enemy container in the spawn manager
Adding in the empty game object

Since we never told the script where to put the created enemies, the enemy clone is just thrown down into the scene cluttering the hierarchy. To fix this, we can assign a variable to the newly created enemies and call it newEnemy.

GameObject newEnemy

The last thing we need to do is tell the newEnemy variable to create the enemy game objects in the Spawn_Container and to do this we can use:

newEneny.transform.parent = _enemyContainer.transform;

Now all enemies created will be sent to a droplist making it much easier to navigate Unity’s hierarchy during the game.




Learning to become a unity game developer

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Tacoma Johnson

Tacoma Johnson

Learning to become a unity game developer

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